The Magical Swan Pony

In legend and myth, Swans are gloriously large, snow-white birds that represent beauty, purity and, because of their long-lasting monogamous relationships, fidelity. The symbolic power of the swan lies in accepting the gift of change, as over their lifetime Swans evolve from “ugly ducklings” in their youth, to elegant and graceful adults.

In a similar fashion, the horse also grows from a gangly colt into a majestic stallion. Likewise, the life-long bond between a horse and rider is much like the pairing of two Swans.

“The Magical Swan” combines the Horse and Swan a single, magnificent creature whose loveliness and energy is enhanced by its kaleidoscopic reflections in a sparkling, mirrored base.

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Additional Information

SKU MagicalSwan
Part Number 4021360
Dimensions 7"
Material Resin
Release 2011 Fall
Retired Date May 1, 2014
Form Running
Theme Exclusive Pony
Special Order Only No
Artist Maria Ryan

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The Magical Swan Pony

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