Pony Lover

An avid animal lover from an early age who was always sketching horses, dogs and cats, this Canadian grew up in the city with a fantasy that someday she would wake up and run to the window, and in the front yard would be an awesome, beautiful and wonderful Pony waiting for her. Later, when she grew up to be an artist, she played with the idea that maybe, if she actually drew and painted the Pony of her dreams, what she pictured in her mind might someday become a reality. So she picked up a brush and went to work, and when she was done, the result was “Pony Lover.”


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SKU Pony Lover
Part Number 4046322
Dimensions 7" H
Material Resin
Release 2015 Winter
Retired Date Jul 1, 2016
Form Walking
Theme Special Occasion
Special Order Only No
Artist Kim Ratigan

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Pony Lover

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