Squash Blossom

The inspiration for Squash Blossom comes from the artist’s admiration of the beautiful, hand-hammered silver-and-turquoise jewelry made by Navajo silversmiths, and the fine textiles created by Navajo weavers. Incorporating both of these highly sought-after trade items into this gorgeous design – a squash blossom pendant for the breast plate, a traditional, banded, Navajo Chief’s Blanket draped over the Pony’s back – she has created an iconic equestrian tribute to the Dineh, as the Navajo call themselves.


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SKU Squash Blossom
Part Number 4046326
Dimensions 7" H
Material Resin
Release 2015 Winter
Retired Date Sep 1, 2017
Form Walking
Theme Native American
Special Order Only No
Artist Devon Archer

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Squash Blossom

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