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The Trail of Painted Ponies Adult Coloring Book - Native American Edition

The Trail of Painted Ponies Adult Coloring Book - Native American Edition

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The Trail of Painted Ponies blazes a trail into the artistic frontier with an adult coloring book that celebrates Native American Painted Ponies in an entirely new way.

The adult coloring book craze is taken to a higher artistic level with the release of this collection of brilliantly detailed and expressive line-drawn interpretations of outstanding Native Painted Ponies by some of the best illustrators in the business. Twenty-six outstanding American Indian designs are presented here for the first time. Through your color choices, and your use of blending and shading, you will be able to collaborate with these talented artists in the creation of your own Painted Ponies.

The dramatic rise in popularity of adult coloring books as a relaxing alternative to meditation is enhanced with this particular coloring book by the calm that comes from connecting to the life, nature and spirit of a people who recognized and respected the Great Spirit in all things, and the importance of living in harmony with the universe. We invite you to experience for yourself, The Native American Edition.






Dimensions: 9.75" BY 9.75"

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