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  • I just started collecting the Painted Ponies and I love them. Each one is a beautiful piece of artwork and are uniquely different! I have 10 Painted Ponies so far and I can't wait to collect more! "Run for the Roses" and "Renewal of Life" figurines are my favorites so far. Happy Trails to all!
    - Lowden, Iowa

  • I couldn't be more pleased with the Painted Ponies. I have my own small collection, which I intend to increase at every opportunity. I also buy them for my mom on her birthdays and Christmas every year.
    - Collector, Iowa

  • "Twilight Hunters" was my first Painted Pony. I was amazed at the fine detail, colors and sculpting. I live in Montana am very close to the wonderful wildlife America has to treasure. My love is especially wolves and will always strive to keep this species on the endangered species list. I will indeed look to the future for more artistry in this wonderful collection.
    - Pamela, Montana

  • Original Designs

    Each Painted Pony begins as original artwork, created by artists from around the world, with a wide range of backgrounds.

  • 20 Year Anniversary

    2023 will mark 20 years since the beginning of The Trail. 20 years of artistic excellence, working with countless artists with remarkable talent.

  • Giving Back

    50% of the proceeds of all “Wild Blue - Remembering 9/11” figurines and ornaments will benefit the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

  • Contact Us

    Do you have questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at: shop@paintedponies.com

  • Winter Wonderland

    As the powerful Guardian of the North who watches over storms during the winter seasonthis magnificent white stallion has only one weakness. He loves to frolic in the first snowfall of the year, dancing like a frisky colt and catching, as he twists and turns, as many snowflakes in his mouth as he can.

    Winter Wonderland 
  • A Christmas Gathering

    Who says that Christmas is a special time of year for humans only? How do we know that other species don’t have their own holidays, which they celebrate their own way? How do we know that when Santa Claus delivers presents to boys and girls around the world, he doesn’t take time to bring Christmas cheer to the woodland animals too?

    A Christmas Gathering 
  • Holiday Patchwork Pony

    Crazy quilting began in the Colonial Times as a way to save money. Originally there was no pattern, no planning, shape or arrangement. Scraps of antique fabrics such as velvets, silks, satins and brocades, often embellished with items such as lace, jewelry, beads and embroidery, were stitched together to intentionally create a look of artistic disorder. Today they are valued as works of art that are reminders of our heritage… and prized as unique, one-of-a-kind Christmas presents.

    Holiday Patchwork Pony