Collection: Summer 2023 Figurines

An icon of American western culture, the Texas Rangers have a heritage that traces to the earliest days of the settlement of Texas. They first made a name for themselves as mounted lawmen covering vast territories on horseback protecting frontier settlers.

Easy to recognize by their striking orange, black and white markings, Monarch Butterflies are known not only for their beauty and their remarkable annual migration journey, but for the superstitions that surround them.
Warhorses were bred and raised from foal hood specifically for the needs of war. But a foal’s first teacher is its mother, and with “Love of a Warrior Mother,” a mare, whose markings identify her as a war horse, is grooming it to follow her example.
The clouds grow darker in color. And then, with a thunderclap, a storm floods the thirsty earth that sings with thankfulness for the gift from “Rain Dancer.”